The Best Creamy Chocolate Frosting Ever!!!

This recipe is so easy is shouldn’t even be classied as a recipe. Two ingredients. The portions are 1:1, which means one cup heavy whipping cream, one chocolate chips. To frost a cake use 2 cups chips ( milk chocolate, semi sweet, just make sure you get good quality!) and two cups heavy cream. Get glass bowl, pour whipping cream into bowl. Set power on microwave at five. Heat whipping cream until it begins to warm. Add 2 cups chips to whipping cream. Set time for 10 minutes in the microwave. Stir occassionally, as the chocolate chips melt, and blend well with whip cream. When 10 minutes is done in microwave, remove bowl. Stir mix until evenly blended. Cover bowl, and set in refrigerator about two hours. Frosting thickens while setting. The is a great frosting on brownies or a moist chocolate cake! What is really great is you canmake as small of an amount as you want. Oone cupcake to frost, use 1/2 cup each. PERFECT!!


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